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Seeing your organization solely from the inside? You're running blind. Adopt a audience-centric lens, possibly amplified by a third-party's objectivity, to not just meet but exceed your growth and organizational goals—it's the fast lane to becoming the brand your customers can't live without.

Why it Works

If you're running your organization through your own lens, you're missing out on the full picture—the audience's view, which is the only one that ultimately matters.

Why it's Needed

Leveraging third-party objectivity not only offers fresh insights but translates into a marketing strategy that's laser-focused on audience needs, catapulting your growth and reach to new heights.

For the Year

January 1, 2024

The Audience's Lens: Your Organization's Most Valuable Asset

Imagine you're exploring a new productivity hack. You wouldn't just rely on your initial impression; you'd measure, analyze, and test. Similarly, you can't afford to look at your organization solely from your viewpoint or those within your company echo chamber. Your content—your brand—exists for one reason: to serve your audience. In the realm of organizational growth, that audience is your who you are speaking to, and understanding their perspective is not just important—it's essential.

Third-Party Insights: The Game-Changing 'Objective Eye'

Many hosts often invite experts onto their podcasts to provide fresh, unbiased insights into various topics. Why? Because they know that even they don't have all the answers. Similarly, having a third party handle aspects of your marketing can offer objectivity that you might miss otherwise. Bringing in an expert helps to offer a bird's eye view to organizations too immersed in their operations to see clearly. This objectivity doesn't just reduce bias; it amplifies effectiveness, helping you hit those growth and organizational targets with precision.

  • The audience mind-meld is understand to overstand. No, that's not a typo. To "overstand" means to understand deeply and thoroughly.
  • Brent always emphasizes creating a loyal audience by deeply understanding their needs and pain points. Similarly, he breaks down complex subjects to their essential elements to deeply understand them.
  • You should dissect your customer's perspective like an expert would dissect a learning technique or would analyze a successful content marketing campaign. Know their needs, preferences, and frustrations. This is where your marketing strategy should live and breathe.

The ROI of Empathy: Beyond Numbers

Brent is big on optimizing your ROI by focusing on what truly matters. In the world of business, what truly matters is the customer. Brent also believes that if you build a loyal audience, growth success will follow. So the ROI of truly understanding your audience is not just increased traffic; it's a more sustainable, more robust organization on all levels. You're not just collecting data; you're building relationships that can last a lifetime.

The Ultimate Paradigm Shift: From Us to Them

Let's wrap this up by challenging a paradigm. The old-school business model is all about the company: our products, our services, our bottom line. But the future—the smart way to unprecedented growth and results—is an audience-centric model. This is the shift from "us" to "them," from "seller" to "solver." Adopt this perspective, and you're not just selling a product; you're providing a solution, building a community, and creating a legacy.

Final Takeaway

Here's the simple, unvarnished truth: Your audience doesn't necessarily care about you; they care about what you can do for them. This may not always be true, but most of the time it is, especially when people first starting engaging with your content. Adopting an audience-centric perspective, possibly powered by a third-party's objectivity, is like turning on the high beams in a dark, winding road. You'll see hazards and opportunities much more clearly, steering your way to success with unparalleled accuracy.

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