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Brent M.Joseph

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About me

          Brent is a PhD Student and strategist who loves to create results-driven content. Having a background in digital marketing going back to 2016, his solutions use current best practices to connect you with your ideal audience. Do you want to create a strategy that drives more dollars into your business? Want to increase the way you understand what makes your ideal audience buy? To learn how to better connect with your customers, jump on a call with Brent to explore what this could look like!


My entire workflow is designed around getting you the results you want, in the style you want, to the people that you uniquely serve.

Working with a brand and content strategist like Brent is force-multiplier for the results you are hoping to achieve.

Brent is adept in a catalog of techniques and skills within the arena of marketing and sales.

Get clear and carve out a path forward for developing your brand strategy, optimizing your existing ad spend, penetrating new markets, SEO, and more!

Some Concepts

If you are looking to hit new growth goals, add unmatched value to your existing audience, and showcase your potential for legacy, here are some of the ways that Brent will work with you to drive new results:

How the Conversation Starts

Our Process

01 - Identify & Clarify
02 - Discover & Strategics
03 - Designing Workflow
04 - Deliver to Audience